Nah, it's fine.

I love my husband.

I loved him when we were friends, when we started to date, and all through our engagement (2 years). It was then when he could dress himself.

After we got married, we lived with each other for the first time...there were a lot of firsts after we got married. Every time we would decide to leave the house, I would ask his opinion of my outfit. In the beginning, he'd humor me and form an opinion other than, "I love you, you look wonderful," because he knew I would not accept just that. More recently, he's reciprocated by asking me, "Do these look okay together?" or "Is this shirt too dark for these pants?"

He's actually thinking about his clothes as part of an entire look rather than just wearing what was clean. Now, I make sure the laundry is done (because I can trust no other to do it to my specifications) and he has so many choices of shirt and pant combinations all the time.

It is now that he respects my opinion so much that he can't make a confident decision without my input. He actually needs me. My plan has worked. He can't live without me.

I love my husband.


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