Ongoing Home Projects

In February, I posted about closing on this house. Since that time I haven't really posted any pictures. We've managed to do quite a bit of painting, staining and new floor and sink installation. Still, I haven't been so gung-ho.

It was really rough for me when we didn't get the first house, especially when we went so far in the process. After that, no house measured up. In the end, when we decided to purchase this house, it was a lot to do with the fact that it was definitely time to buy and because it was a killer deal. With the other house, it was move-in ready. I wouldn't change the cabinets or the floor or the colors on the walls.

This house is a different story.

We'll be replacing this tomorrow.

(The fan and not the popcorn ceiling. THAT'S another project altogether.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How'd it go? I'm anxious to see the chandelier. (Is this how one spells chandelier?) HDO

i forgot my passord that's required to have an identity on this thing, so i'm anonymous tonight

11/16/07, 9:32 PM  

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