Found Objects

I recently cleaned out my husband's car because life necessitates that I drive it for a while.  I knew what would happen if I asked him to clean it out.  I'd still want to go behind him with a CSI kit, micro-vacuum and a pair of tweezers to MAKE SURE it was clean.  I knew that if I just went ahead and cleaned it myself that I would be satisfied with the job and he wouldn't be made to feel like some sub-standard car cleaner.  I know us both so well.

I cleared out all of the trash, wiped down all of the surfaces and extracted some of the things he keeps in his car, which I divided into manageable sections for him to "do something about."  One of the objects I excavated removed from the car was a hibachi grill.  Still in the box.  I put it aside to ask him about it.

This morning, I got the chance.

"Hey, what's with this hibachi grill?  Who gave it to you?"

"My grandmother..."

"Oh.  O.k."

"...like... a LONG time ago."
I keep looking at him.

"...like...before we were married.  It was in my office and I didn't want to take it home...so when I moved it out of my office and into the car...it was progress."

Blink.  Blink.

"And yes.  I deserve that look."

*Just as a point of reference for those who may happen upon this: We've been married almost SIX years.



Anonymous Anonymous said...




4/6/08, 1:36 PM  
Anonymous sharyl said...

oh, eddie.... i believe he knows my husband, chris, all too well.... (as you discovered while helping me with the den). they are kindred souls--or just guys.

4/6/08, 6:15 PM  
Anonymous hollee said...

they are just guys. maybe this comes to some in various degrees, but I recognize this trait.
I finally just put a plastic crate for these items in Scott's car. I certainly don't want it in the house, and he won't just take it to work or throw it away.

4/17/08, 6:07 AM  

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