How To End An Argument With A Not-So-Technical Win

Expose your sparring partner's buttocks. This will end any argument abruptly, especially those silly ones where you can sense the tide is beginning to turn against you and you've realized your position is weak.

This gives you the upper hand immediately. Covered butt beats exposed butt. You usually wind up laughing together. Because butts are funny anytime.


Blogger Robert said...

Yeah yeah...easy for you to say...I wouldn't have wanted to have been there to see that.

11/16/07, 7:48 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

You are half way through NaBloPoMo. Way to go! Let's see if you can make it through the second half without conjuring up images of Eddie's butt.

11/16/07, 9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good advice. If I ever use this one, I'm immediately going to say that you told me to do it. I'm back on the wagon, finally getting to catch up. <3 HDO

11/16/07, 9:18 PM  

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