Merry Christmas to Me

I waited and waited. Then I waited some more. Last night, at 8:23pm, it finally came to my door. My present. MY CAMERA.

This isn't just any camera. It's my FIRST digital camera. I know, I know... Where have I been? This is classic me. I won't settle for just anything and when I want something, I want EXACTLY what I have in mind and I'm willing to wait. I waited for the perfect husband and it only took 8 years from the day we met to marry.

However. My patience has limits when things don't make sense.

With the help of our friend Keith, Eddie and I ordered our Nikon d50, appropriate lenses, memory cards and software from B&H photo on December 17. I chose the UPS 3-day select delivery because while I could justify spending $1,000 on a camera and accessories, I couldn't justify spending over $20 in shipping. After all, I'm patient.

I got the tracking number and I waited. Eleven days later, I received the package. 11. After Christmas. It was scanned 3 times on the 19th, twice on the 20th, once on the 21st, 3 times on the 22, (those scans on the 21 and 22--all in the SAME city) 3 times on the 23, (once with the comment, "The package was missed at the UPS facility, UPS will deliver on the next business day"), declared lost between the 23rd and 28th only to arrive at my home with no warning, but after the search party had already gone out. In total, delivery was rescheduled 3 times, I called UPS 6 times, B&H-2 times and gnawed on a leather strap to control my temper for only the last 4 days.

I had a hard time coming to terms with spending this much money on something other than our basic needs. Eddie and I made a decision early on in our marriage to BUY things not charge them. Because we actually pay for everything we buy WHEN we buy it, sometimes we have to wait. The plan was to wait a bit longer for such a treat, but PaPa Hansen (Eddie's grandfather) saw to it that we didn't. He gave us a gift contingent on the fact that we do nothing sensible with it. He's 84 and wants to see us enjoy spending said gift.

My original plan was to ENJOY the money in a car that we could OWN after the last couple of payments. I could go to PaPa, point to the car and say, "See, I'm enjoying driving to work in this car that I now own." Eddie nudged me away from this logic and I'm glad that he did.

PaPa's gonna be proud.

After I finish reading the manual and SLR Digital Camera Photography for Dummies, some interesting pics may find their way here. I make no promises.


Blogger ogggden said...

congrats on the camera!
i hope you'll show us your handiwork

1/4/06, 2:18 PM  

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