The Very First Words We Ever Spoke

Late 1992- It was the beginning of our junior year in high school. My best friend, Emily, was in my Algebra II class. She sat two rows over and to the back. This was before she lied to the teacher, telling her she couldn't see the board, in order to move into the only empty desk-the one directly in front of me.

Just before the annual Christmas dance, (an important social event when you're 16) there was a vital need for constant communication between friends. During Algebra II one day leading up to the dance, I needed to be updated on the latest in Emily's world. I needed to know at the very moment we were learning about x, if she had a date to said dance. I am not proud of the measures I had to take to obtain the intel. I had to pass a note.

I pulled out a piece of paper and wrote, "Do you have a date to the dance?" I folded it and passed it to a boy in the row next to mine, hoping it would reach its intended without detection. I watched as he opened it, glanced at the contents and then looked back at me. I mouthed quickly, "It's for Emily." The kind boy folded it back and passed it on.

I don't remember what happened after that...because this is my version of the story. It is a piece of my life that I wouldn't otherwise remember if I hadn't married anonymous note-passer 10 years later.

His version is much funnier.

Late 1992- Eddie was sitting quietly, paying attention in Algebra II. Some girl he's never spoken to hands him a note. Confused, he opens the note and reads it. It says, "Do you have a date to the dance?" Even more confused, he's thinking, Is this girl asking ME to the dance... what do I...then he looks back at me long enough for me to mouth, "It's for Emily." He folds the note back and passes it to Emily wondering what just happened and if anyone knew what he was thinking. He took notice of me after that.

I used to wonder what my future husband was doing, where he was living, was he older than me or younger? Let it be a lesson to you. Anonymous man on the street, the one you don't know in the movie theatre, the boy you ask to pass a note to your best friend...10 years from now you could wind up married to him!


Blogger ogggden said...

Awwww. This is cute. The kid next to me in math class is a dance major. So help me god.

12/4/05, 12:18 PM  

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