Laundry Trophies, Yuppie Love and Out of the Pink

Every time I do the laundry, (usually every Saturday) I stack up the entire day's work of folded t-shirts, socks, shorts and unmentionables atop the washer and dryer. All the hang-up clothes are hung neatly on nearby door frames. I don't put anything in its proper place until all is finished. I like to survey all the laundry before that happens. I like to have it there as a testament to my hard work- a mountain of an accomplishment on most weekends.
I've always found joy in accomplishing and organizing things, especially long, drawn-out, tedious tasks. I never needed trophies. I don't like clutter.

In an ongoing effort to decrease clutter everywhere, we've recently given in to a trip to Best Buy and came home with a flat screen monitor. I LOVE IT. It replaced an older 19 inch behemoth. I feel like we've gained 10 square feet of the room.

That room has finally been finished. When we moved in over 3 years ago, I had A LOT of work in front of me. That room had all hot pink molding, including window sills and doors. There was a foot wide rocking horse wallpaper border on top of knotted pine paneling. In order for the border to lay flat, plaster was placed in the considerable grooves of the paneling ONLY underneath the border. Not only did I have to remove the border, (pain in the ass) I had to CHISEL the plaster from the grooves in order to paint the walls. This process was not a fast one. Only 2 rooms to go.

Pray for me.


Blogger ogggden said...

hot pink molding... you must've really liked that house.

11/21/05, 5:45 PM  
Blogger ogggden said...

Wow. I just read the covenant marriage thing.
That's intense, and really admirable.

11/26/05, 8:34 PM  

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