It has become habit for Eddie and I to eat breakfast in front of the computer. There's a tv in the room, so we can catch up on everything we need at once while having breakfast. Multi-tasking.

Inevitably, no matter my need to dispense with the clutter, there will be a pile of cereal bowls, pop tart plates and milk glasses that have been abandoned in haste to make it to work on time.

Sunday morning, I brought my Corn Pops to the desk and found an empty zip-loc bag in the place of a crumb-littered plate or empty cereal bowl. That bag looked suspiciously like the one we took home from a friend's house Saturday evening, where we watched LSU spank...some team. But it couldn't have been. THAT bag was filled with brownies when we left Andy's house. I have eaten no brownies. I can find NO brownies. The dog's not dead.

Somebody owes me a brownie.


Anonymous The husband said...

Now wait a minute..."filled" with brownies? There were two. Two brownies.

Also: upon taking brownies, this blogger said "no, don't bring home any brownies" so I brought home two. For me. I ate them. End of story.

Love you.

11/23/05, 3:42 PM  
Blogger ktm said...

OK. So MAYBE I exaggerated a bit. But you did have them for BREAKFAST.

Brownies aren't for breakfast. CAKE is for breakfast. Geez.

Thanks for the comment, Sparky.

11/23/05, 8:18 PM  
Blogger ogggden said...

you guys are so cute.

about what you said on my blog...
you're going to have one lucky kid.
maybe he/she'll be as mega-cool as me.

11/30/05, 9:28 PM  

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