And Now He's a Man

Today, Eddie did two things that in his mind mark manhood.

1. He paid off our second vehicle.

2. He disposed of the remains of a dead opossum in our backyard.

So, we now own all of our vehicles outright AND we have a vermin-free back yard. Life is now nothing but bliss, canned peaches and fluffy marshmallows. It's a shame that I wasn't there to account every aspect of the entire opossum-removal project here. Although, while listening to his story, I did take away a few interesting points.

*Our shovel was a top-notch investment.
*He is the proud inventor (patent pending) of a new trash bag-trash can contraption that I don't quite understand, but do recognize it was vital to the excavation.
*He now understands why some people are vegetarians.
*The word "barf" was mentioned as he got in touch with his gag reflex.
*"It was...the most DISGUSTING thing I've ever done."

As soon as he uttered those last words, I knew we're somehow destined to have children that do little more than projectile vomit, poo and snot.

He's jinxed us, I just know it.


Blogger ogggden said...

oh, man. i love this blog.

2/5/06, 8:40 AM  

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