When I am in the check-out line, my eyes often wander to the sides where all of the impulse purchase candy and gum live. On more than one occasion, I've tried to buy gum at the last minute but I can't seem to find any gum that I can enjoy. It's all sugarless. I don't do sugarless.

If you can't tell whether or not your soft drink is diet, pass it to me. I can tell instantly. Or, YOU can tell instantly by the face I make when I confirm that it is, in fact, sugar free.

EVERYTHING has gone sugar free. I had to throw away yogurt, purchased in haste (didn't have time to read the entire label). What I had read of the label, in the first few ingredients I found sugar. When I got it home and tasted my first spoonful, I instantly knew something was wrong, so I read the entire ingredient statement. There it was, in the last few ingredients. Why would you need to put artificial sweetener in something that ALREADY has sugar in it?

I don't do sugarless. Bubbalicious, where are you?


Anonymous sharyl said...

It's hiding, with the Hubba Bubba and Big League Chew!

2/1/08, 11:39 PM  

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