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I was in a local store a few days ago, getting a few necessities and browsing at everything I didn't need. I love to browse but I don't always need to buy. I can browse in a store and more often than not, come home with nothing. So, I was doing my usual bit, the browsing, when I ran into the purse section. I picked up a few, held them, caressed them, opened them, tried them on and put them back. Such is the ritual. Sometimes things actually make their way into the buggy, get a cruise around the store and THEN I put them back. I have this need to justify the purchases. If I don't actually NEED it, after it makes its way into the buggy this little nagging voice inside my head goes on and on until I meander back to the section where the item belongs and replace it onto the shelf or rack.

After I put the purse up there was another voice, one that called me back to the purse section. At first I ignored it and headed off to look at the office supplies (one of my favorite browsing areas) then I remembered: I had a gift certificate. A GIFT CERTIFICATE. The I-don't-need-to-justify-this-purchase gift certificate. That purse made it all the way past the check-out.

I love it. It's my new favorite thing.

Sometimes, you just need them.


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