And On The Way Home We Bought More Milk

Last week during dinner with three of my married girlfriends, I asked them how their mothers treat their husbands when their husbands come to visit. Every response was the same. During a visit from the son-in-law, each mother tried to feed him. Not just the "can I offer you something" type of courteous attempt but a more pushy "well, if you don't want any of that then how about some of this...or this...or THIS?" type of undertaking. Such is the same with my mother. She stocks some of Eddie's favorites.

This evening Eddie and I attended a housewarming for a newly married couple. Housewarmings in the South are the perfect opportunity to share casual, tasty food. There was Ville Platte gumbo, perfectly seasoned potato salad, cheese in its various forms, my favorite dark beer and decadent brownies. We met some of the extended family and even found common connections, commenting on the smallness of this world. Near the end of the party, Eddie and I were the last two guests still in conversation with the hosts. I was talking, turned one way and Eddie was talking, turned another. When I turned around, Eddie was holding a to-go container filled with brownies, an offer we had refused just moments before. But there they were, brownies wrapped for travel - my friend's mother the culprit.

Granted, she didn't have to force Eddie to take them and since I was the one who led the "No, thank you" charge when offered the treat the first time, I had second thoughts once said brownies were in hand. After we said our good-byes and each closed our doors to the car for the ride home, I requested an equal share of the brownies.

"You know I'll be having some of these, right?"

That's a request, isn't it?


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