Two And A Half Hours

It is noteworthy that years from now I want to be able to look back on this day and know that I sat in traffic for two and a half hours trying to get home from work.  It is important to know that the usual total drive time home is now HALF an hour.  I did not physically harm any other drivers on the road, as it is my secret desire in situations such as that.  I would like two gold stars please.  I did, however, eat many pieces of pizza once I arrived home.    

I will also not want to forget the car that I sat behind for 20 minutes before she changed lanes.  It is comforting to know that I can find her easily to thank her for the laughs I got at her expense.  The license plate I stared at: SHYGIRL.

In a small conversation with my husband about SHYGIRL, he would like documented the 40 minutes he spent behind a school bus this evening.  School bus #1726.  He is convinced that number is actually, physically burned into his brain.  He's not just 99% sure about that number. He knows it by heart.  We may have to take a line from George Costanza, but instead of Seven, we'll have to name our first born Seventeen Twenty Six. 

***The interstate was closed for several hours this evening during peak traffic hours on this lovely Friday night.*** 



Blogger Kyle said...

Is it too much of a gimme to say something about your firstborn seventeen twenty-six being a shy girl? Yeah, I think so.


11/8/08, 12:45 PM  

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