I Can Sit In A Hot Tub Until My Fingers And Toes Pucker

I've come back from the gym late this evening, sweaty and icky. When I keep my sweaty gym clothes on long past the point of cooling down from the work out, I usually by-pass the cooling down and move directly to cold. Once I'm cold, it is supremely hard for me to get warm...unless I take a hot bath (which I will do as soon as I can wrap this up).

I can't really get totally warm again unless I take it to the other extreme...and sweat. I like to turn the bathroom heater on, close the door and turn the water on as hot as can be enjoyed without crossing the threshold into pain. Once I'm sweating, it's great. Give me a book to enjoy in the heat and I'm a happy girl.

The heat is only enjoyable when you know that as soon as you choose to open the bathroom door a burst of cool air awaits you. When our power was out for a few days at the end of a Louisiana August because of a destructive hurricane, the heat wasn't enjoyable to any degree - because I couldn't just open a door and feel refreshed. I suffer from a classic ailment: I want to have my cake and eat it too (and possibly have a bit of yours).

Next up: A bath and a book, then a warm, soft bed filled with Eddie.


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