To Blog:

Step 1. Wake up the computer.
Step 2. Tap a few keys on the keyboard and wonder why nothing happens.
Step 3. Ask yourself, "WHERE is the wireless mouse?"
Step 4. Realize that your husband, who was home with your daughter today, probably turned off the keyboard so said daughter wouldn't re-set the desktop again (we still can't fix it back) while chanting, "keyboard, keyboard, keyboard."
Step 5. Turn on the wireless keyboard.
Step 6. Remember that the wireless mouse is missing. Briefly look around the room for the mouse (an unforseen drawback to the wireless mouse - apparently you can misplace it).
Step 7. Leave the room, enter the bedroom where your husband has just fallen asleep. Wake him up by asking, "Do you know where the mouse is?"
Step 8. Wait for him to wake up a little. Pretend you didn't know he was already asleep.
Step 9. Listen while he tells you that, no, he doesn't know where it is. Then take his advice to "go look in the closet."
Step 10. Exit bedroom, re-enter room with computer and open closet. See mouse alone, on the floor. Pick up the mouse.
Step 11. Bring it to the desk and click it a few times, then wonder why nothing happens.
Step 12. See Step 4. Replace "keyboard" with "mouse."
Step 13. Turn on wireless mouse.
Step 14. Log into your blog
Step 15. Look around for inspiration.


Blogger Kristen House said...

Glad you're back at it!

11/6/11, 2:37 AM  

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