A Rose By Any Other Name

To navigate outside of our homes we have named streets, towns, states, countries, rivers and oceans.  These names help us to communicate with each other about these places or about their relationship to other places.  It is the same system within the home.  We name rooms within the home, generally according to their use.  We eat in the dining room, we bathe in the bathroom and so on.  Eddie and I have a home office, one that we call The Computer Room.  That name just kind of evolved.  I suppose it was unintentional, but I don't think we wanted to associate that room with work so neither of us used the word "office" when referring to it, the room with the computer.  So, it was The Computer Room.

A couple of evenings ago, Eddie asked me to retrieve something for him from a room in our house that HE named, a name I had not yet heard.  

"Sparky, can you find that thing for me in the Toilet Paper Room?"

The Toilet Paper Room.

The Toilet Paper Room is not the bathroom.  Since one room in our new house has essentially been used for storage since we moved in, it really hasn't received a name.  Neither one of us wants to refer to it as The Storage Room and I suppose that calling it The Spare Bedroom wouldn't have been a bad idea, but who wants normal?

One day, we brought home an exceptionally large purchase of toilet paper.  Instead of opening the entire thing and dividing the rolls between bathrooms (and taking up a lot of storage space), it wound up in the 'other' bedroom.  I knew exactly where my Sparky wanted me to go to get the thing he needed - the room with the toilet paper.  The Toilet Paper Room.

When we go to sell this house, that will be a special feature.  




Naive Is Evian Spelled Backwards

Every single day since January 1 of this year, I've been religiously registering to win the HGTV Dream Home.  (You can totally register every day until February 19th!)  I love the idea that I COULD win.  I like daydreaming about what we'd do with it, when we'd go and how much easier it would make our lives, you know, when we win.  (After we sell it for the cash.)

So, one of the days that I entered while at work (it literally takes 30 seconds), I came home and started talking to Eddie about it.  I started planning out loud what we'd do when we won.  He was quiet for a while and then his facial expression started to change from "just listening" to "a little concerned."  At this point, I stopped my optimistic, out-loud planning for our future dream home and asked him what else he was thinking about.

He hesitates.

"You know, we're not going to win this thing."

Blink.  Blink.  Blink.

"You just seem a little too sure about this and I don't want your feelings to get hurt when we don't win."

Not wanting to give up: "But we COULD win.  Right?"

"We're NOT going to win.  Do you even know what the odds are?"

"O.k.  WE'RE not going to win.  I'M going to win.  When I win, YOU'LL have to admit you were wrong.  And you won't be invited to MY house."

"O.k, O.k, O.k.  I take it back.  You're going to win and when you do, I'll go around saying, 'I was wrong.'  I want to come to the house."

When we win, we're totally getting a new desk and a new chair.
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