When we arrived, one of the first things on our To Do list was a trip to the local super store for food for the week, things we knew we forgot as well as a few things we discovered we forgot soon after we arrived.  Once at the store, we purchased the food, the forgotten items and one special find I just HAD to have.  A noodle.  

Later on in the ocean, I was using said noodle to float and enjoy the waves alongside my husband.  He looked a little envious of my fun, floaty toy so I offered it to him.  

"No, thank you.  You keep your noodle.  I've got my own noodle."





I've just finished cooking and eating dinner in my swim suit.  The glass door that leads to the balcony is open and I can hear the waves.  That noise is a constant in the background as I listen to Eddie's breathing deepen.  He's stretched out on the couch so relaxed he's falling into sleep.

We're both waiting for the cookies to cool that I've pulled out of the oven.  

I'm sitting here, thinking back on the day and am in awe of how effortless it is to be with him...that sunburned man over there on the couch.



Mini Vacation

This afternoon after work, I began my vacation.  I stopped at an outlet mall on my way home to look for more vacation-ish type clothes.  Eddie and I are headed away for the coming week...away from everything.

I left the store with a mini skirt.  It looks like I've started the vacation from myself in a timely manner.     

The last time I wore a mini skirt I was eleven.  






"What IS that?"
"Uh. Nothing. I'm just trying to turn off the light in here.....with my socks."




I Teach Him The Important Things

Read no further if you are squeamish about any married couple revealing too much information about their relationship, because here it comes: Eddie and I take showers together sometimes.

When we're maneuvering around each other, even after six years, the poking, prodding and giggling haven't subsided in that environment.  I don't think we'll ever really grow up and I'm relishing in this when the giggling stops.  There's a moment of silence when Eddie reaches for the shampoo.  I'm taking my turn to wet my hair and I hear Eddie ask me: 
"Do you know what I learned from you?" (He holds the shampoo bottle inverted.)

"No.  What?"

"This."  (He demonstrates a swift shake of the shampoo bottle to hurry the remaining shampoo down to the neck of the bottle for an easier squeeze into his palm.)


"Before, I would just wait for it.  I would just wait patiently for the rest of the shampoo to ooze down into the top.  But you, you taught me that you can shake it like this (he demonstrates the swift shake again).  You taught me that it's shampoo.  You don't have to be nice to it."

No Sparky.  No you don't.



Found Objects

I recently cleaned out my husband's car because life necessitates that I drive it for a while.  I knew what would happen if I asked him to clean it out.  I'd still want to go behind him with a CSI kit, micro-vacuum and a pair of tweezers to MAKE SURE it was clean.  I knew that if I just went ahead and cleaned it myself that I would be satisfied with the job and he wouldn't be made to feel like some sub-standard car cleaner.  I know us both so well.

I cleared out all of the trash, wiped down all of the surfaces and extracted some of the things he keeps in his car, which I divided into manageable sections for him to "do something about."  One of the objects I excavated removed from the car was a hibachi grill.  Still in the box.  I put it aside to ask him about it.

This morning, I got the chance.

"Hey, what's with this hibachi grill?  Who gave it to you?"

"My grandmother..."

"Oh.  O.k."

"...like... a LONG time ago."
I keep looking at him.

"...like...before we were married.  It was in my office and I didn't want to take it home...so when I moved it out of my office and into the car...it was progress."

Blink.  Blink.

"And yes.  I deserve that look."

*Just as a point of reference for those who may happen upon this: We've been married almost SIX years.

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