Things We Couldn't Do Without Electricity

I was in the kitchen cooking a couple of evenings ago and Eddie was in the living room watching the end of a movie. From the kitchen, I'm able to listen to the television and carry on a conversation with my husband who was relaxing on the couch, even if at the stove I cannot see either. Near the movie's end we were comparing and contrasting it to other movies we've seen by the same director and at an appropriate point, our conversation had naturally come to a close.

When the movie concluded and the credit music began to play, I was still in the kitchen chopping and stirring and listening and Eddie was still in the living room. Then I noticed that the credit music kept playing. Usually, unless you've been so moved by the film into a state of emotion that can only be healed by experiencing the entirety of the credit music, you'd be changing the channel. The changing of the channel is what usually happens and when it didn't, the flow of life was interrupted for a moment. I noticed it and got curious.

So I asked him, "Hey. Whatcha doin' in there?" It was innocent enough, the kind of phrasing you'd use when you walk into a room and someone is involved in an activity that isn't immediately apparent.

"You're not going to believe me."


"You're not going to believe me when I tell you what I've been doing. I've been watching ice melt."

He almost couldn't finish the sentence because he found his admission so funny. We both laughed for a while and he came into the kitchen to share it with me. I kept my smile after the laughter was finished because this man is mine. He takes the time to observe, the patience to recognize the small and the humor to find the funny in it.

And if we ever can't afford cable, we'll always have something to do together on a Friday night.
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