Managing Quality Time Effectively

You can't really tell if you don't know me in person, but I like to change the subject. A lot. It's not something I do on purpose all of the time and it's not that I'm even trying to hide that fact here but when I'm writing and get a chance to read it back, I like to fix anything that might be confusing. Or misconstrued as "a little off."

My husband - he laughs at me. He laughs when I change the subject abruptly. Instead of wasting time to explain to him how, in my mind, I move from one subject to another (logically), I just go there. To him it seems like I'm JUMPING. To him it seems disconnected and often funny. I would love to hear what line of logic he could invent to explain some of the subject changes in conversation with me. I can see how it must go in his head:

She was talking about this cabinet and how much she wants to remove the door because I keep hearing something about a barn...and in the same breath about how she may want to make the leap from glasses to contact lenses. Let's see. Cabinets-Doors-Barns--Eye wear. The cabinets...she doesn't like the cabinets because they remind her of a barn door...a door that trapped her in a barn...where she couldn't find her glasses and she couldn't see the door...so wouldn't it be great to finally have those contacts?


Piece of a conversation we had this evening:

"...so I think I'm going to paint that lamp white."


"I don't like to look around here and see things unfinished. I don't like living in a barn with those cabinets. I wish I didn't have to buy new cabinet doors. Do you know what we should do?"


"We should have a plan. We should draw it out and we should organize the closets - installing shelves and drawers and different levels of bars. We should do it. Together."

"Right now?"

"No. But we should plan it."

"Right now?"

"No. Not right now."

"Then yeah. Let's do it. I'm good with that."

That train of thought is SO evident.


Blogger Kyle said...

I totally feel where Eddie's coming from. But he's braver than me for trying to figure out HOW you got from one thing to another. In my case, I do laugh, and tell her why I'm laughing, but never ask her to explain. And she's OK with that.

5/13/08, 7:20 PM  

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